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Hi – this blog, ‘On Reflection…’ charts current photographic practice, writing and personal projects. You may also link out to my ‘Commercial’ and ‘Wedding’ websites from the main navigation. My first degree was in Fine Art Painting and I hold a Masters Degree in Photojournalism and Documentary Photography from London College of Communication. My work draws upon my previous experience in Fine Art.

I am an experienced teacher and presenter with over 20 years of practice, teaching at London College of Communication, Kensington and Chelsea College, Morley College and The Cuming Museum. I have exhibited widely, and write for publication in magazine, blog and book form. I won AP Magazine’s ‘Photographer of the Year’ and was a finalist in ‘Travel Photographer of the Year’. I write for publication and have had articles and photographs published in Blueprint Magazine and AP Magazine. I am interested in exploring fresh ways of presenting photographs: in galleries, books and book art, and via installation. I work on location and from my studio, based in London.


Rachel & Boris Johnson at ‘Fresh Hell’ Book Launch

A strange photo job last night at the launch of Rachel Johnson’s new book ‘Fresh Hell’ at Acklam Village Market underneath the Westway Flyover last night saw the mingling of several famous faces. Brother Boris Johnson caught dancing with a handkerchief! Ian Hislop talking earnestly, Piers Morgan doing selfies, David Gilmour being effortlessly cool and Jeremy Paxman scowling. I felt like I had stumbled into a secret cabal of the great, the good, the bad and the ugly of the journalistic/political world. It would be wonderful if some of that journalistic, critical muscle could be brought to bear on the horrendous recent plans to turn whole tracts of the Westway into a fine dining and shopping ‘experience’. Soon, those ‘on the edge’ unique spaces; much sought after for exclusive book launches, may no longer exist. https://nottinghillpost.com/news/westway-23/


I am pleased to share this short film of ‘the making of’ my installation at Acklam Village – produced by the wonderful team at DigitalWorks; the film explores the context behind the show and its conception. The ‘Orphans’ project uses and presents historical photos of local people installed at epic scale on the walls of the Westway Flyover. Oh, and there’s still time to catch the installation at Acklam Village each weekend! To read more about the ‘Orphans’ installation see HERE

‘Orphans’ – A photographic installation under the Westway Flyover by Steve Mepsted Filmed and edited by digital:works [Sav Kyriacou & Matthew Rosenberg] www.digital-works.co.uk

Hear the accompanying song: “Home’ by Hey Zeus on Soundcloud.


keefLast  night I’m back at the excitingly-grungy nether-world Acklam Village Bar 58 under the Westway Flyover in rainy Portobello. I have had a few (mis)adventures shooting here (see this previous post) But tonight I am here to photograph a band and their friends, celebrating their lead singers’ 60th Birthday. The Dirty Strangers – are a garage pub-rock band in the best of British tradition and happen to be good friends with ‘Keef’ Richards and Ronnie Wood. We were later treated to a video message from Keef himself, congratulating his schoolmate on reaching a ripe young age. The evening struck off with an appearance by Brian James of The Damned and the list of musical mates was duly ticked off throughout the evening – including the aforementioned video message from Keith Richards – face looming large and wrinkly on the concrete walls of the space. With songs titled ‘She’s a Real Botticelli’ and ‘Shepherds Bush City Limits’ you just know the type of noise The Dirty Strangers make. Tonight the amount of telecasters appearing made the stage look like a guitar shop showroom. The family atmosphere was reinforced when Alans’ 82 year old Dad got up on stage to sing ‘One More for the Road’, Alan’s son (also doing a good job with the singing and producing  a frighteningly good impersonation of his Dad’s vocal style) then got rather emotional – shouting proudly to the crowd: ‘Thats my Grandad that is!!’ All in all a fun, good energy evening, in a fantastic space. Happy Birthday Alan Clayton, and may The Dirty Strangers and their filthy friends keep on doing their thing for many years to come.



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The lovely Mags Di Ceglie (re)photographed in her wedding dress (and Converse Trainers) Enjoying the chance to slip her dress on again (well it’s too good to wear just the once!) we headed off to the studio, and the studio roof, to take some shots. A big, huge thanks to her for graciously acting as my model for a series of wedding photography website shots. We had a fun time!

Empty-Headed Mindfulness

Going through some old work I found these photographs I made of paintings I executed between 2003-2005. My Mother died, at too young an age, in early 2003 and I find it incredible that while I was painting these images I was not consciously aware of the themes they seem to explore. I obviously needed to get something out of my system. I feel that one of the joys of art-making is the physical manifestation of the subconscious; sometimes one wonders why certain ideas, visions and projects come unbidden to the imagination, I have learned to go with them; in a state of ’empty-headed mindfulness’, which for artists, is a liberating, intensely creative state to inhabit. These are paintings ‘about’ grief I guess and looking back on them now I am glad that I am in a happier place, I hope that my Mother is too.