Tourists. Love em’. Everywhere around, up and down, stopping dead in front of you and consulting a map without trying to look lost. The following portraits are of tourists who I was attracted to and asked to photograph. I tried to find backgrounds that would suit them, related to what they were wearing, carrying or (my perceived) aspects of their characters.  I asked them to look either confused or confident but not to smile. They all liked the confused or confident instruction and were all generous with their time. I was glad to find such colourful examples of the species, as shooting predominantly in black and white was getting to me a bit. I will be adding more to this set as further subjects stop in front of me.



(We are all)…Tourists

One thought on “(We are all)…Tourists

  1. steve, you photography work is great! 🙂
    we need to catch up sometime soon, lots to tell you about.
    I have graduated from uni already , and I am working for the game industry ^^

    keep taking pics 😀 x

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