‘Going to the Dogs?’ – Three Picture Photo Story

Wimbledon Stadium is one of 29 Greyhound racing tracks in the UK. When opened in 1929 it attracted 8000 spectators for each of three meets a week. ‘Going to the Dogs’ is still the second most popular spectator sporting event in the country and in this year of recession more than £75,000,000 will be spent at its betting stands (Totes) in shops and online. The sport gathers the highest amount of placed bets than any other, due to the shortness and frequency of the races. A typical ‘meet’ will feature 13–15 races with up to six dogs racing in pursuit of a ‘mechanical hare’ (these days an orange flag) which speeds along the outside of the track ahead of them. I am interested in the enduring allure of such a sport in the 21st century and found a mix of genuine excitement and characters; a strange environment and hopes pinned on a £5 stake.


So, what do you think?

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