MAGNUM ARCHIVE BOXES – on ‘Dwarfs’ and ‘Loneliness’

Today I had the good fortune to be taken around the Magnum Archive at the Magnum Print Rooms in Gee Street, London

Apart from the obvious thrill of handling some famous, rare and golden photographic artefacts, the best bit for me was observing the indexes on the boxes that store just some of the thousands of prints. The titling is extraordinary and at first seems quite random. The archivist assures me it is not!  There are lists that one reads down the sides of the boxes. Colour coding (Red for War!) is also employed.

The best lists are like little pieces of concrete poetry or a Haiku. My favourite box reads like a Saturday night that’s gone wrong:

People. Beaches. Parties. Pubs. Clubs. Wealth. Dwarfs. Loneliness.

I was not able to see which images were inside this box; one can only imagine, and I kind of like it that way.

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2 Replies to “MAGNUM ARCHIVE BOXES – on ‘Dwarfs’ and ‘Loneliness’”

  1. Wow Steve, great minds really do think alike. I didn’t have a camera but I noted down exactly the same titles – ‘People. Beaches. Parties. Pubs. Clubs. Wealth. Dwarfs. Loneliness.’ because of the strange narrative they seemed to suggest. It sounds like the rise and fall of an infamous character. Maybe we should collaborate a la Adam&Ollie ‘People in trouble, laughing and falling down etc etc.’ I also wrote down ‘Sex Industry. Strippers. Prostitutes. Porn. Violence. Vicious Dogs.’ (Mainly because of the weird addition of ‘vicious dogs’ which seems to reveal a lot…). Steve, you have, once again, VALIDATED me.

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