The link above takes you to a slideshow of images made as responses to weekly briefs or instructions given by well-known street photographers for the Street Photography Now Project. The Street Photography Now Project was invented in conjunction with The Photographers Gallery of the UK, to inspire fresh ways of looking at and documenting the world we all live in. Photographs contributed were new pieces of work made in direct response to the weekly instruction. I have learned a great deal about the art of street photography – an activity I have always enjoyed but one within which I  found myself maturing as the year progressed, entering a new image each week. The Flickr community of feedback and criticism was the heart of the project and many interesting comments were made by contributors who proved to be knowledgeable, thoughtful and sometimes maddening along the way. Some contributors are carrying on for another year under the auspices of The Street Photography Now Community Year 2. ‘SPNC Year 2’ is the continuation of the Street Photography Now Project (SPNP) which was organised by the Photographer’s Gallery of London from September 2010 to September 2011 to promote the Street Photography Now book published by Thames and Hudson. The Street Photography Now Community admins highly recommends any street photographer to make this book their bedside reading. Come and join in!


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