Occupy London - Shoreditch Magistrates' Court,...
Occupy London – Shoreditch Magistrates’ Court, Old Street, London (Photo credit: chrisjohnbeckett)

I had a great time making these images from a night presented by the ‘Invisible Circus’. In the Old Street Magistrates Court; disused since 1996 and now an occupied building as part of the ‘Occupy’ movement, they staged an elaborate evening where clowns, performers and other such wastrels were put on trial by a judge and summarily sentenced after brief prosecution and defence statements. They were sent down to the cells to perform with invited ‘politicians’, ‘bankers’ and a host of other weird creatures! The tables were gradually turned as things got out of hand, and the power-holding 1% found themselves tormented by the clowns and creatures deep in the bowels of the court cell block. The Invisible Circus produce unique circus theatre experiences in a wide variety of unusual locations, from circus big tops and traditional theatres to site specific and promenade performances in disused industrial and historical buildings. Visit their website here: http://invisiblecircus.co.uk/



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  1. Jon says:

    Hi Steve, much olbliged if you let me re-publish the photo of the ashen-faced grinning judge on the front page of this collection with a credit to Steve Mepsted photography. I like all of the images but this one I think captures much of the spirit of the thing. It will be used to illustrate an article I have written called Make Plays Not War about a new wave of London protest theatre. You will be able to find the piece under the theatre tab of notesfromtheunderground.co.uk Many thanks, Jon

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