During a frenetic month in April 2009 I crossed four Indian States: Uttar Pradesh, Rajashthan, Punjab and Himachal Pradesh; and covered approximately 3800 kilometres by train, bus, horse and (broken) foot. Cycle and Auto Rickshaws transported me while in the cities. I travelled from Delhi to Varanasi on a personal mission to scatter some of my Mum’s ashes. From Varanasi by train into Rajasthan via Agra and Jaipur. From Jaipur I kept going West to Johdpur -‘The Blue City’ – where I broke my foot falling from a railway station step. From Johdpur to Jaisalmer and a visit to the hospital, then to Bikaner and Deshnok for the fantastically weird ‘Rat Temple‘.

Leaving the desert I moved up to Amritsar where I was lucky to arrive at 4am for a Harvest Festival at the Golden Temple. Vaisakhi is both the harvest festival and the Sikh New Year, marking the birth of the Sikh order of the Khalsa. I was lucky to have stumbled across it at just the right time: the Golden Temple covered in fairy lights at dawn is a sight all should see.



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    1. Many thanks. Its a lovely place!

  1. Goldem Temple Amritsar is hub of Sikhism. It’s Shrine position. It’s an essential chair of Sikh lifestyle and record. It’s base by was set Sai Mian Mir Ji.Golden Forehead is also known as Hari Mandir significance Temple of God. Sri Harmandir Sahib, also known as Sri Darbar Sahib or Golden Temple.
    Golden Temple Amritsar

    1. Hi thanks for your correspondance. Just a quick point – I am sure you do not wish to create spam but your words to me are not really a comment as such. They are a link to your blog post. It is good practice to link to my blog via a’Pingback’ (generated automatically when you make a link to a page or post) You can also make a comment to me on my work while asking me to look at yours, I can then link to your site if I should wish. The point being that the dialogue is reciprocal. Cheers Steve

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