‘Hush’ – Work in Exhibition: ‘Align’, Kensington and Chelsea College


‘Hush’ is a collection of Photographs I shot on a sunny September morning in 2011, very soon after the doors to Kensington and Chelsea College’s original Hortensia Road building were closed for the last time.

The building stands today just next door to the new Hortensia Road building, quieted and deserted, waiting for the developers.

As I roamed the building alone, I stood in classrooms and offices, studios and meeting rooms. Climbing the stone-stepped stairwells, I wondered how many times I had done so. I found remnants of memories to record. Sometimes I heard sounds and voices, but they were only in my head. My intimate recall of these spaces once clamourous and populated was heightened by their sombre emptiness. The interior was fading, so soon after closing. This work attempts to bridge the physical and temporal gap between one space substituted for another.

How far have we come? As the UK’s Further Education Sector continues to face an uncertain future you can be sure of one thing: in a gallery far, far away…it’s just behind you. To see further images from the series visit HERE

‘Hush’ is shown alongside other works by Fine Art and Photography tutors at Kensington and Chelsea Colllege.

“Align” Fine Art Staff Exhibition 6/12/12 – 14/12/12 The Gallery Space, Kensington and Chelsea College, Hortensia Road, London SW10

Steve Mepsted 2012


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