Empty-Headed Mindfulness

Going through some old work I found these photographs I made of paintings I executed between 2003-2005. My Mother died, at too young an age, in early 2003 and I find it incredible that while I was painting these images I was not consciously aware of the themes they seem to explore. I obviously needed to get something out of my system. I feel that one of the joys of art-making is the physical manifestation of the subconscious; sometimes one wonders why certain ideas, visions and projects come unbidden to the imagination, I have learned to go with them; in a state of ’empty-headed mindfulness’, which for artists, is a liberating, intensely creative state to inhabit. These are paintings ‘about’ grief I guess and looking back on them now I am glad that I am in a happier place, I hope that my Mother is too.


So, what do you think?

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