What a pleasure to leave the DSLR at home for a few days. With a group of students at Paris Photo it feels good to shoot on film for a while. Olympus Trip camera and Pentax K1000 – very simple, basic, reliable gear. Kodak Tri-X film for its good, solid contrast. Sad though that France, while simultaneously celebrating world photography in Paris Photo, has radically altered the manner in which it allows photographers to operate, particularly in the street.

With its recently overhauled privacy laws France threatens to subdue the wealth of (Street) Photography that has in good part informed its culture over the last 100 years. Cartier-Bresson would be turning in his grave. Best then to shoot very quickly and operate a smile-and-move-on policy if challenged. Here are some shots from November 2013 and 2014.


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  1. soundbox11 says:

    I love your photos of Paris. Really Great News that you can get such good snaps without a DLSR

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