Rachel & Boris Johnson at ‘Fresh Hell’ Book Launch

A strange photo job last night at the launch of Rachel Johnson’s new book ‘Fresh Hell’ at Acklam Village Market underneath the Westway Flyover last night saw the mingling of several famous faces. Brother Boris Johnson caught dancing with a handkerchief! Ian Hislop talking earnestly, Piers Morgan doing selfies, David Gilmour being effortlessly cool and Jeremy Paxman scowling. I felt like I had stumbled into a secret cabal of the great, the good, the bad and the ugly of the journalistic/political world. It would be wonderful if some of that journalistic, critical muscle could be brought to bear on the horrendous recent plans to turn whole tracts of the Westway into a fine dining and shopping ‘experience’. Soon, those ‘on the edge’ unique spaces; much sought after for exclusive book launches, may no longer exist. https://nottinghillpost.com/news/westway-23/


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    Photoshoot at Acklam Village Market – Rachel Johnson’s Book launch party.

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