Stonehenge: Monumental Disappointment

I recently spent a brisk and stormy day walking in Salisbury. I went initially to visit Stonehenge which, after over half a century of my life, I have somehow neglected to see with my own eyes. I have to say its a bit of a let down: surrounded by ropes and  guarded by walkie-talkie men it sits like a fish in a bowl.

(Top tip: avoid spending £15.50 and be marginally less roped/ripped-off by taking the actual approach avenue through the fields) as opposed to via the visitors centre with the selfie crowd (I know – i’m a snob!) cant help it. However the visitors centre is a rather lovely piece of architecture, which echoes what Woodhenge (a couple of miles away from Stonehenge) would have looked like back in the day!

The rest of the countryside is wonderful and especially the pub, The Old Mill, back in Salisbury; approached through the water meadows with Salisbury Cathedral in the distance.

With regard to my opening weather statement this quote tickles me:

Anyone who has lived through an English winter can see the point of building Stonehenge to make the Sun come back. Alison Jolly
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