About Me…

800 px versionWelcome!

I am an award-winning Photographer with a special interest in Social Documentary Photography and Portraiture

My first degree was in Fine Art Painting and I hold a Masters Degree in Photojournalism and Documentary Photography from London College of Communication. My work draws upon my previous experience in Fine Art and explores themes in Social Documentary Photography and Portraiture.

I am an experienced teacher and presenter with over 20 years of practice, teaching across all levels at London College of Communication, Kensington and Chelsea College, The Cuming Museum. I have exhibited widely, and write for publication in magazine, blog and book form. I won AP Magazine’s ‘Photographer of the Year’ and was a finalist in ‘Travel Photographer of the Year’. I write for publication and have had articles and photographs published in Blueprint Magazine and AP Magazine.

I am interested in exploring fresh ways of presenting photographs: from the gallery, in books, via installation and through the use of sound and text.

I work on location and from my studio, based in London.

You may download my C.V here: STEVE MEPSTED ARTIST AND TEACHER C.V. 2014

If you should have any questions or feedback regarding my work or commissions and print sales, please feel free to contact me:


2 thoughts on “About Me…

  1. Hi Steve,
    my son was in a fashion show at Acklam Village and I’ve seen one of your photos on the web..
    Would it be possible to view more ? He wore the green jacket and also the red jacket with tartan shorts..
    I know this is a long shot but thank you.

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