NEW YORK 19/06/12

Found a bar in New York to watch the England vs. Ukraine Euro 2012 final first round match and was presented with a bank of screens upon which were showing variously, a baseball match, the news, a soap opera and both Euro matches!

ESPN helpfully translate the titles of the national anthems via captions on screen. I now know that Sweden’s anthem is called “Du Gamla, Du Fria” – “Thou Ancient, Thou Free”, and that the Ukraine’s anthem translates as “Ukraine has not yet perished” (Oh well, so much for that)

As the match commenced the running text commentary stuttered onto the screen in fits and bursts; during the England game the single word “ASHLEY” stayed on screen for about a full 10 seconds while the play swept on, before being followed by a new legend: “THERE!”. The Ukraine keeper was relegated to the phonetic trio of “SHER-POF-SKI” and the national team itself became, “YOU CRANE”, an utterance which would also have worked well had Peter Crouch been selected.


So, what do you think?

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