I awake this morning having slept through my alarm. I am due to catch an early bus from the Ferry Terminal to begin the next leg of my journey (to Las Vegas)

Thankfully the sound of someone farting in the bed across from me in the dorm has acted as a more efficient alram than my phone. I roll out of bed forgetting I am occupying the top bunk and crash on the floor waking everyone. “Sorry” I whisper loudly, making it worse.  I am packed and ready from the night before so grab my things and run down to the Reception and order a cab – I have half an hour. I am ready to check out but the hostel computer won’t let me (‘Hostel California’:  the B side, for those on a budget)

He asks me to check my itinerary and sure enough I am a day early. I am obviously feeling a tad chronologically-challenged after all this city hopping. I ask him “Please tell me I am not the only person to have ever done that”, “I’m afraid you are”, he smiles.

I take a walk down the road a couple of blocks to find coffee and the 7-Eleven beckons. Inside I pour myself a large one and grab a sandwich for an early breakfast, I may as well make the most of my unexpected extra day. I get to the till and he tells me to tear off the little flap on the packet of my sub. Its a promotion thingy to get a free one. “Sorry buddy – no luck this time”, he says, squinting at my peel-off ticket. He takes a look at me, I am bleary eyed, with tramp-like hair and  flushed from my earlier panic. He reaches under the till to find a stack of said slips. “Oh look you won” he fake-exclaims, and I get my sandwich for free. “Thanks so much”, I say, “I hope you have a good day”. “I just did” he replied.


So, what do you think?

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